Sunday, November 6, 2005

Dead Maid Shoes?

Alright saw another 3 movies today.

1) Dead & Breakfast (*1/2) - Although a bad movie to me, it is proclaimed as the best independent horror movie for year 2004 by Ryue Morgue Magazine. 2004?! At first I thought that this movie was shot in the late 80s or early 90s due to its setting and quality. A bloody film, stupid storyline, and lousy irony elements.

2) The Maid (**1/2) - This movie is pretty scary. The storyline is there, but the concept is almost the same like many of the horror movies in the market. The incident took place during the seventh month of Chinese Calendar, a.k.a. Hungry Ghost Month. A maid was murdered in that same place a year or 2 ago, and the new employed maid was to solve the mystery resolving her death.

3) The Red Shoes (***1/2) - Another Korean horror flick. Frankly, this movie is great. Nicely shot, there are a few scenes that will scare the nerves out of someone who has a timid heart. The script is good, the actors brought the the movie well. The girl in the movie reminded of Dakota Fanning, but less annoying as she doesn't scream all the time recklessly.

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