Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Early end to Foundation.

It's official. No more tutorials. No more lectures for the rest of the year. Good things will come to an end. Indeed, everyone had fun today; class was relaxing as we didn't do much of the tutorial questions. Instead, it was more like a prologue to the farewell party where everyone gets a little emotional and starts snapping pictures with friends whom they met through the pre-u programme.

After tutorial, fantastic 4 went back to Hel's house. Although to revise was the main objective of hanging out in her house, we eventually ended up playing more than studying. For example, after an hour of attempt to understand incomplete entries, we crushed Hel's room, browsing through all her things and photos. It was just joyful to see Hel when she was young. A remarkable picture would be her in a shirt full of hearts in pink, red, etc. Anyway, soon we found ourselves having lunch and playing with Hel's dog, Bubble. From there, Julia did a little dance routine to stir the atmosphere. Then, we resumed with the revision before taking more pictures of ourselves.

Since finals are coming, everyone's very much worried of the grades that they should score and the ways to achieve those goals. For English, most people around me seems to be aiming for at least a D, which is possible for them. So far, from a total of 80, I already have 58 in my hands. That's a great accomplishment to me I shall say since I got a D for English last semester. The point is, to score a distinction, another 12 marks is needed from my finals. I'll try my best. reading part isn't much of a problem, but writing... I'm just bad at that. Task 1 should be fine, but task 2, I somehow get stuck up with points, and my organisation of points is awfully bad at most of the time. Let's just hope that luck will be with me during the finals.

Since I had some time to spare today, I saw another movie:

Hitch (****1/2) - Call me outdated. I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with watching movies online since weeks ago. By the way, this movie is one of the most beautiful movies that I've seen this year Romantic enough, sensible, humorous, fantastic casts, eye-catching settings, and fabulous music. Watch this with your loved ones during any anniversaries or V. Watch this when you're outta love, it will cheer you up. Moreover, watch this if you're lonely and free for 2 hours at home.

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