Monday, December 25, 2006

Cooking 101 #1

There was once a plan for Allison and I to open a restaurant. And now I wonder will we ever realise that dream of ours back in secondary school. Well, as the first step, I need to learn a bit of cooking. Basic is important in order to prosper from there on. Therefore, I've been utilizing my oven quite a lot these days.

First attempt was to bake some cakes. The first cake was a failure. With surface similar to our Moon, it looked very uninviting. The submelted chocolate spoiled the whole cake I would blame. Besides, many complained that it was rather too sweet. Well, mission failed. Oh yea, I just remembered, the dough was manually mixed with my pair of hands. Tell ya, luckily a cake-mixer has been invented.

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Chocolate and orange cake!

Without wasting much time, I motivated myself again to start on Cake #2. At that point, I ran out of oranges rind for me to grate. As a result, I mixed half of the dough with wine instead. What a weird combination, right? The time to prepare this was extended. In the end, the cake turned out pretty good physically, but tasted... weirdly?!

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The inferno chocolate cake.

Lastly, with my mom's help, I came out with the 3rd cake. Just pure butter cake topped with coarsely blended almond. I have to admit it myself, the cake ain't hald bad this time. It it was to be a bit more moist, I would have graded it a 7/10. (So, what do I do when a cake's too dry? Somebody help me! Please!) And not too sweet this time around too. Okay, half um... success!

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Almond buttercake.

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Want a slice of it?

Kinda sick of cakes already. Consequently, my restaurant need to have chinese cuisine too. Dim sum is a great idea, so "siu mai" was next up on my list. It was easy to prepare, but to steam it perfectly is nasty. The skin often turns out too be too dry. Damn foreskins haha! Anyway, had too much leftovers, so I grileld them into fried wantons instead. Okay, wantons sounds a bit of a turn off. I shall call them chibigyoza instead!

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Shaping them was hard too! But they turned out fantastic, didn't they?

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Charging half a dozen at RM3.00 only! >_<

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