Thursday, May 17, 2007

ANTM 8 Episode 12 Quickie

We see the remaining girls learning aboroginal dance for self-expression and storytelling purposes in episode 12. Their challenge was actually on story-telling, where they had to relate to their life-story. Renee did a precise good job, and she was named the winner. Her reward was pearl jewelery, and she shared them with Jaslene, whom she picked. That night, the girls had a night out without Natasha, who preferred to stay at home as she was sick. In the club, Nene, Jas and Brown allied together against Nata, which was a pretty bad thing but heck, we all know how they feels towards her.

For the photo shoot, it was also on aboroginal dance.

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Dionne on Dance of Food Gatherers.

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Jaslene on Dance of the Red Chested Robin.

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Natasha, on Dance of the Willie Wagtail.

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Renee, on Dance of the Butterfly.

IN the judging room that week, the girls were asked to express who they think has the most and lest potential in the group. As predicted, Natasha was verbally attacked and the judges thought it was jealousy, which I doubt. Her photo was horrible for that shoot. Anyway, one girl was sent back to America and here's Tyra's call-out order:
  1. Renee
  2. Jaslene
  3. Natasha
  4. Dionne (eliminated)
It was unsurprising at all to see Dionne leaving. She could have been eliminated the previous week but Tyra saw potential in her over Brittany. With her gone now, the competition becomes really unpredictable and exciting. I just don't know who will be the next to go and who will be named as America's Next Top Model this cycle.

My predictions? Renee might leave first due to her inability to do a good commercial leaving Natasha and Jaslene as the two finalists. If that happens, Jaslene will definitely excel in the runway with her signature walk (Note: She walks like that all day everyday). Go go Jaslene! Ah, we'll find out who will win soon!

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